Briteschool Teachers



Dom Knowles            Online CV


Maths / Sciences / Business Studies

Chemistry, Science and Maths teacher and lecturer since 1986.  Scottish-qualified, GTCE and GTCS registered secondary schoolteacher.  Experienced IT teacher and more recently added Business Studies.  Has been teaching synchronously ("live lessons") online since Sept 2005.  Enjoys photography.  Based in Manchester, UK and Portugal.




Des O'Neill                 Online CV

French / Spanish / Portuguese / EFL (1-to-1)

Qualified French and Spanish teacher and lecturer to KS5, with Portuguese and a TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) qualification.  GTCE registered.  Based on the South Coast of England and in Brazil.  Joined Briteschool in 2007.



Caroline Wheeldon-Wright

English Teacher

English Language / English Literature (1-to-1)

Qualified Secondary English IGCSE teacher.  Based in Sheffield, UK.  SEN management experience, and Child Protection administrator.  Joined Briteschool Sept 2014, now teaching KS3 and KS2 History as well as English at all levels at Briteschool. 



Janet Davies        Online CV


including A-level Pure Maths and Statistics / Briteschool Administration

Qualified Secondary Maths teacher, lecturer and Examiner.  Has taught online for Nisai.  GTCE registered.  Based in the very South of England.  Loves her dogs and the countryside.  Joined Briteschool in 2011.  Also works for ... one of our main competitors :-D



YOU ?  Vacancies

Maybe you are the part-time teacher we require !  We have the odd hour of other subjects available as well, so if you have more than one subject you can teach, let us know.



Dom and Caroline are both thoroughly enjoying teaching Primary ! 



Also (part-time):


Su Knowles                              Online CV

Primary / PSHE

Experienced Primary School teacher with extensive PSHE experience.  Works part-time for Briteschool, mainly for Primary one-to-one tuition.  GTCE registered.  Loves her three boys and camping trips !  Based in the Newcastle.



Carole Stuart                

French / German (1-to-1) / EFL (1-to-1)

Experienced French and English (TEFL) teacher / lecturer.  Teaching since the 1970s.  Taught online at one of the other synchronous ("live") schools. Scottish-qualified, GTCS registered.  A keen Scottish Country Dancer.  Based in the NE Scotland.  Joined Briteschool in 2006.


Dr. Damien Ingram                

Biology / Sciences

Experienced Biology, Chemistry and General Sciences teacher / lecturer.  Teaching since the 1986.  Also trying to get work in Bioinformatics, utilising his Biochemistry PhD and MSc in database programming.  Scottish-qualified.  A keen hillwalker.  Based in Manchester.  Joined Briteschool in 2007, mainly teaching IGCSE Biology.







All teachers and tutors on this page are CRB- or ECRB-checked.

Past Teachers - Roll of Honour


Elaine Connell, R.I.P.    1953-2007           

Taught English Language at Briteschool for one year. 

Will be missed by the students and their parents for the positive influence she had on our budding creative writers.



Laura Stewart            

Taught French and some IT (ECDL) at Briteschool for one year.  Left for full-time employment. 

Voted Teacher of the Year 2006-7.  Will be missed by all of us.



Nick Stanley

Taught History and Geography at Briteschool for over three years.  Left to follow concentrate on his other online teaching roles, which we are sure he will continue to complete with the thoroughness and professionalism he showed whilst at Briteschool.  Still helps out with advice on an occasional basis !






Carol Anderson

Started the Briteschool Primary section, and helped many new students pass successfully through her doors.

Voted Briteschool Teacher of the Year 2007-8 by the students, and helped a lot with Briteschool's Administration, too.





Anne Young

English teacher, who had several notable excellent results amongst her IGCSE English students. 

How does one get 96% or 98% for English Language ?






Susan Reed 

History teacher who also helped out with Briteschool's Administration, and proved a very competent organiser. 

Organised the first Briteschool meet-up, in Winchester.  Left to do her own online thing (Net-School) ... and she seems to be doing very well at it !





Heather Hutber    

Primary teacher who left after only a year and a half online to go back into mainstream education. 

Heather made her mark on our Primary students, and they lament her moving on !





Gibby Keys             

Qualified Secondary English and Drama teacher. 

Headhunted for her skills - out of teaching !


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