System Requirements

Note: A Hard-Wired connection is pretty-much essential,

as wireless users experience synchronisation problems. 

If you are wireless this usually causes problems for your fellow classroom users, as well

sometimes including the teacher.  We cannot usually accommodate wireless users owing to these constraints.


Try and if your Ping (Latency) is greater than 30ms, there might be problems;

if it is greater than 100ms then there probably will be problems.

Recommended "speeds" are:

Latency less than 30ms;

Download 4 MB/s or greater;

Upload 750kB/s or greater.


For more information, Ookla has some useful advice:


Demonstration Classroom

To install and have a look at the style of Briteschool's Main Classrooms.

(Takes 10-20 minutes to install; Java scripts and browser and firewall alerts may follow)

This Configuration Room is available 24/7 for your perusal.


  Configuration Room 1 - use to test your connection / headset.


If Room 1 isn't working, please try:  Configuration Room 2  


If you have problems, please try again

If you still cannot get in, instead of entering the Briteschool Demo classroom,

go to Elluminate's SUPPORT page

then follow Elluminate's onscreen instructions:

Step 1 > Java installed ?

Step 2 > go to Configuration Room  and so on.

Detailed classroom setup instructions here


If you are happy with what you see, maybe Contact us for an hour-and-a-half's demonstration with a teacher.

Please include your results from to help us better tell you if we can provide our services.

Briteschool's Demonstration Room is here, but there may be a demonstration in progress.



Community Area - click on the flower: Click on Gabriella's flower to go to school Community Area  

Here are deposited homeworks, useful links, lesson files, exams; there are also forums. 



Backup Classroom (Windows machines only)

To install and have a look at the Backup Classroom.

(Takes 5 minutes to install; a small .exe file and Firewall alerts will follow)

This demo is available 24/7 for your perusal.

REFRESH page first !  Compatible with any system. This demo classroom is re-set every so often.  To re-enter > Refresh page > Click on the cat again. 


If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC,

the password is briteschool1.

(Sorry, Mac users and alternate browser users,

this demo is not available to you unless you can run or emulate Windows)


IGCSE Classroom

IGCSE Students / teachers please note this link is now also on the Home page.



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