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More video links of Briteschool in action:

Channel M

"One click and you're out" - no distractions (apart from Dom's neighbour's grandchildren) right-click > Save As ...   6MB / 2.5min@56kbps


Classroom interface video - choose your connection speed:

low (3min@56kbps) - high (3min@120kbps)



Sample lesson recording:

Thanks to four of our students for

volunteering to record a session

- to see Click on Clanger button to get a session recordingtheir actual Science lesson,

< Click on the Clanger

(recorded Fri 29th Sept 2006)




The Back-up Classroom

If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC, and are short of time, click on the dog:

(This demo installs very quickly, < 2min, but the classroom doesn't have the full range of tools available.  Sorry, Mac users and alternate browser users, this demo is not available to you). to enter the Back-up Classroom (password Briteschool1). 

(This demo installs in < 2min.  Sorry, Mac users and alternate browser users, this demo is not available to you)




Home Educators

The four main support sites with forums for Home Educators in the UK:

http://www.home-education.org.uk/  - site packed with listings and useful information, especially: 

http://www.home-education.org.uk/support.htm (note the comments at the bottom of this page about the following two organisations)

Education Otherwise - lots of links, too, including legal advice for England, Wales, Scotland.  The largest HE support group by membership. 

Home Education Advisory Service

Home education in the UK



International Links (US-based site, but Worldwide links and applicability):
(constantly updated and refreshed, and a HUGE number of links and ideas, including Commonwealth links - very targeted)


a larger list of many virtual high schools around the world appears here: http://www.shambles.net/pages/school/vschools/ - and seems to be updated regularly.




Independent schools (listings) UK

Links to sites from the Guardian  - site and links need updating :(

Teachernet (Government) site


Resources for teachers and parents:

Sample lesson slides from Briteschool (Science and Maths).
http://www.curriculumonline.gov.uk/ (some freebies)
"The Online School" (links to several UK primary schools, lots of resources)

http://www.weshome.demon.co.uk/  World-wide Education Service - rivals to Primary Home Education, but website sparse.


Places to avoid:

Yell.co.uk (Yellow Pages) - independent schools pages - see Briteschool's £xp£nsiv£ and not very productive banner ad - £5 per click-through so far :( :( :(   No value-added there, we're afraid, either for advertisers or for those seeking information.

AngloInfo - in Briteschool's limited dealings with Cyprus AngloInfo, the forum moderators seem happy to propagate misinformation, and can be remiss in regard to replies to discussions correcting such misinformation.  Avoid spending your advertising budget there, we suggest, and take discussions with a greater pinch of salt than you would ordinarily on internet fora.  Oh, and if you do post there, your (required) email attracts shedloads of spam - use an unimportant email address :-(


1&1 ("One and One")- our previous hosts: poor service, poor responsiveness, poor interface for managing the site.  For the last Quarter: UPTIME 98.22% - not 99.99% as advertised.  Shall I rephrase that ?  Supposed downtime 0.1%; actual downtime 1.78% - nearly two hundred times as bad.  No refunds, no response to emails requesting satisfaction or an explanation.  We have shifted - to eUKhost, who have a more complex, but far more customisable interface, and seem VERY responsive to requests for help and troubleshooting.  We will report back on downtime ...  Here's our referrer link :-)


Please contact us to increase this resource - add links you have found useful.



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