Gaia's World

Here are some of Briteschool's students' pets - enjoy !

Primary students' work here








"Hello everybody - I'm Gaia - welcome to my page :-)"

"Yip !  There's a cat !"


"When can we go for a walk ?"

"We don't want to go for a walk - we're happy snoooozzzzing"


"I am happy to wait here for my walk"



"Walk ?  How about a CLIMB ?"



"Climb - no thanks, I am happy having a cuddle then a bite to eat :-)"



Watch out cats and kittens !  Jaws is about :-)

Mandi Models                                 and                   Mandi Munches Melons

(by Jennifer and Kevin)


Tiki (above, with plastic friend) and Loki (below, with a rude tongue ?)

... and here are some of the teachers' pets

"Miaow - there's a hooman looking at me !"

Bentley and others are on the way ...


More pictures taken by Briteschool Students to follow:

Lunar Eclipse pictures

Pictures of ANIMALS that we have taken !

Digital Photos - our favourites

Digital Photography Competition entries

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