Spuddly Poem 1

Dom the Potato

Poem by Annie,

Illustrated by Jake

Dom was a potato,

Growing in the ground.

He was picked with a squealing sound.

Dumped into the big, big truck,

He was with his friends,

Mud and muck.

Tipped into a big bath tub,

Dom had a soapy scrub,

Then out came the dreaded peeler,

No potato lives after he feels her.

Her blades cut into his fresh potato skin,

And peeled him 'til he was paper thin!

Then he was thrown under a knife,

With a baby, a man and his wife.

Poor little Dom was all chopped up,

And so was the couple and their pup.

Now he was a seven part man,

He grumbled and groaned as much as he can.

Until he was put through the oven door,

I fear, Dom the potato is no more.

Now he's coming out to me,

And I will eat him for my tea.


September 2012

Annie G and Jake M, all rights reserved


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